Preparing for the Cold Months Ahead: Tips for Your Health and Home

The weather outside may be frightful, but the air inside could easily be worse. Although the holiday season is here, it’s important to think about the effects that winter will have on your indoor air quality.

Why does indoor air quality get worse in winter? Unfortunately, the cold season is one of the worst times of the year for indoor air quality, either at home or at work. People stay inside tightly-sealed buildings while reducing the amount of warm air escaping outdoors, replacing ventilation for heating. This means people are breathing a greater amount of recirculated — not fresh —…

Breathing Healthy and Staying Safe Just Got Better!

After months of hard work, we at Brilliant and Company are thrilled to launch our new, shiny, and brand new mobile app recently. Unlike its earlier versions, this V2.0 is redesigned from the ground up, with many bug fixes, and introduces many new features.

This mobile app complements PiCO Home and works seamlessly together to deliver users a new, revolutionary way to monitor and track the air around them in real time. Staying safe and breathing healthily become easier with PiCO Home!

So, What’s New?

1. Newly designed UX and UI

V2.0 is smooth and sleek and comes with a new feel that is slicker, easier to use, and…

Many of us know that air pollution is a growing public health emergency. Images of deadly smog that descend on cities all over the world, from Beijing to Delhi, Los Angeles to Seoul, are hard to ignore.

How air pollution drives food delivery worldwide. Now, with Covid-19, plastic wastes further skyrocketed.

It is without a doubt that the food delivery industry has witnessed massive growth over the last few years, as people are using them more and more to save time going to, queuing for, and then coming home from restaurants.

According to a study by the National University of Singapore (NUS), when the air outside is bad, office workers are more likely to order food delivery than go out for lunch, which in turn increases plastic waste from food packaging.

Researchers ranked more than a dozen masks on how well they might protect wearers and those around them from COVID-19.

The U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), WHO (World Health Organization), and public health officials recommend wearing face masks to control the spread of COVID-19. People are now wearing many different types of face coverings, including bandanas, hand-sewn masks, and disposable medical masks. In many cases, mask choice is dependent on availability; people use what they have.

But how effective are each of these face coverings? Turns out, not all are equally effective at actually catching the respiratory droplets that may contain the virus.

Here is the list, from least effective to the most effective:

1. Neck gaiter

As wildfire smoke becomes a part of life on the West Coast, so do its health risks

As of 14 September 2020, a total of over 7,500 fires have burned close to 3.5 million acres, more than 3% of the state’s roughly 100 million acres of land. This makes 2020 the largest wildfire season recorded in California’s history. The effects of this 1 month of destruction on nature and wildlife have been devastating.

What do we need to know about this industry?

In our previous article, we explored the key market drivers that support the growth of the air quality monitoring market. Here, we will examine some of the restraints and challenges, as well as the opportunities, of the market PiCO Home is in.

So, what are the key market restraints?

1. High product costs

A typical air quality monitoring sensor assesses both indoor and outdoor air quality parameters, such as temperature, particulate matters, presence of gaseous compounds, humidity, and more. Detection of these requires the use of advanced technologies, which can be high-priced and further increased by device miniaturization.

The installation of a typical air quality monitoring system can costs up to…

PiCO Home in action.

Recent growth in the levels of harmful contaminants in the environment has intensified the need for air pollution monitoring and control. This is further alleviated by growing health implications and environmental damages resulting from rising air pollution worldwide.

In 2016, the global air quality monitoring market is estimated to be valued at USD$3.75B, growing at a CAGR of 8.5% to 2021. North America is expected to account for the largest share of 39.0%. The market is also fairly competitive, with a growing number of market players. Additionally, there is a growing appetite for power-efficient, easy-to-move, and accurate air quality monitoring…

Think you know them all?

We’re back with part two of 10 medical words about the respiratory system! These 10 words are crucial to our understanding of how our respiration works and how it relates to the air quality that we breathe, which is important.

  • Eupnea

In our respiratory system, eupnea refers to normal, good, natural breathing. It’s also known as quiet breathing or resting respiratory rate. Think of it as the breathing you do when you sleep. During eupnea, our body and mind are in a state of relaxation.

  • Dyspnea

Commonly known as shortness of breath, it is a breathing discomfort that causes chest…

COVID-19 pandemic will one day come to an end. But its effects will last forever.

Like every pandemic, COVID-19 will come to an end. Not a question of if, but when. Rather than completely getting rid of it, as there is no vaccine available yet, the world has slowly learned to live with it.

Dubai recently became the first country in the world to reopen its borders to tourism again, but with social distancing in mind. As long as you test negative for the COVID-19 test, you will not be required to quarantine for 14 days. Masks are mandatory, hotels rooms are sanitized, and restaurants and shops now measure your temperature before you can enter…

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