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Dec 4, 2020

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PiCO Home’s Mobile App V2.0

Breathing Healthy and Staying Safe Just Got Better!

After months of hard work, we at Brilliant and Company are thrilled to launch our new, shiny, and brand new mobile app recently. Unlike its earlier versions, this V2.0 is redesigned from the ground up, with many bug fixes, and introduces many new features.

This mobile app complements PiCO Home and works seamlessly together to deliver users a new, revolutionary way to monitor and track the air around them in real time. Staying safe and breathing healthily become easier with PiCO Home!

So, What’s New?

1. Newly designed UX and UI

V2.0 is smooth and sleek and comes with a new feel that is slicker, easier to use, and is more friendly to touch. The turquoise blue color dominates our mobile app’s look and is consistent with our brand logo and image. Users will be able to learn about the app and sign up or sign in easily.

Scan allows users to use PiCO Home without signing up or logging in.

2. Outdoor Air, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Modes

Perhaps, the most prominent part of this app is its ability to connect a user’s PiCO Home via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Outdoor air and two ways to connect to PiCO Home: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

On the left photo, you see the outdoor air quality of wherever you are. In this example, it shows you the current PM2.5, PM10, and everything else now at Prospect Park. This updates automatically wherever you are and conveniently gives users what the average air quality is like outdoors.

Pushing the “+” symbol on the bottom, users will be greeted by these two options: To connect PiCO Home via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With GPS and Bluetooth turned on from your smartphone, PiCO Home pushed on, connecting is a breeze. Connecting via Bluetooth, you’ll see this, all in real time:

With Wi-Fi mode, depending on the air quality, you should expect to see one of the following screens. The intuitive color displays can inform you instantly if the air is good, moderate, bad, or very bad:

Good or moderate air quality.
Bad or very bad air quality.

3. As a Hub

The beautiful thing about PiCO Home is you can use it as a hub. If you have multiple PiCO Homes, you can conveniently add one in every place in your home, e.g. kitchen, toilet, garage, living room, etc…all in Wi-Fi mode, and see everything easily on your phone on the mobile app. Deleting them is also easy.

4. Historical Data & Comfort Zone

The most requested feature by our users, this section shows you what the air is like in your home over the last certain of hours, divided into days for all the metrics measured. Accessing them is easy, with a simple tap on the PiCO Home that you’ve already added via Wi-Fi.

If your pointer shows you anywhere inside the comfort zone trapezium, rest assured that you’re in a healthy, optimum environment. Beware: Anywhere outside means that you’re not — the air may be too dry, too humid, too hot, too cold, has very high carbon dioxide, or unhealthy levels of VOCs.

Historical data of your air quality history and your comfort zone.

5. Useful Tips and Messages

The new mobile app also comes with tips that can educate users about the dangers of air pollution, at what levels will it be unhealthy, and steps to take to ensure a healthy environment.

6. Integration with smart speakers like Amazon Alexa

Last but not least, PiCO Home, this mobile app, and Amazon Alexa work together to give users a more unique, personalized, and fun way to monitor their air! Simply download the PiCO Home skill on the Amazon Alexa mobile app, link them together, and get ready to go!

You don’t drink dirty water, so why breathe dirty air? Get PiCO Home now and keep you and your family safe and healthy!

Android version is available now. iOS version coming soon.

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